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Blackpool Accommodation Search Engine Directory (BLASED)

Blased is a website commissioned by the proprietor of a Blackpool hotel. He was not satisfied with the websites that served Blackpool hotels and the wider accomodation market and wanted one that was truly comprehensive, easy to use, inexpensive, effective, and above all, fair.

Blased is designed to service the growing Internet population that uses the Internet to find holiday services.

Comprehensive - with over 800 different accommodations organised by where they are in Blackpool (Location), from hotels to caravan parks (Type), from cheap to luxury providers (Price), and niche markets (Specialty such as stag and hen parties) there is all the choice you could want.

Inexpensive - listings start at just £99 and end at £199.

Effective - the site is visited by hundreds of people every day with over £25,000 of booking enquiries being made every week - a figure that is growing rapidly.

Easy to use - there are hundreds of specialist listings to help you find just what you want, be it Small Central Blackpool Hotels, or Luxury, Dog friendly, Lytham Golfing Guest Houses!

Fair - large hotels and small b&b's can be found with equal ease and no priority is given to hotels with large budgets.

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