Help! How do I use Blased to find Blackpool hotels and other accommodation?

  • Hello, there are 4 columns across each page
  • You can click in any, e.g. Guest Houses (above)
  • ...for all Blackpool's Guest Houses
  • ...and then click No Smoking for Blackpool's No Smoking Guest Houses
  • Click a Guesthouse name for contact details and inquiry form
  • Simple - Click on / Click off any item, any where
  • You swap within a column
  • Or you add from a new column - up to 4 if you like
  • The numbers show how long a list you'll get

I knew that...

  • If lists are too long for the first page, you can see all using the Full List button
  • The i button is for more information and what to expect from accommodation selection - we try to be strict on this
  • Comments are usually written by the proprietors
  • If you have problems or cannot find the Blackpool hotel you are looking for contact Blased.
  • Please contact Blased if you find any discrepancies in the listings, such as a hotel being in the wrong listing.
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