Gay Friendly Blackpool Hotels and Accommodation

Gay Friendly Blackpool

Blackpool hotels and accommodation conveniently located near Blackpool's vibrant Gay Scene found particularly in the North Shore area which offers a warm welcome to Gay and Lesbian visitors.

Blackpool Gay friendly hotels and accommodation with the B.A.G.s logo means the accommodation is gay (homosexual or lesbian) owned.

Gay hotels

What to Expect

  • Blackpool hotels and accommodation in close proximity to Gay bars such as the Flamingo club, Flying Handbag and Churchills, gay clubs and saunas
  • Concessions to Gay venues such as Funny Girls Transvestite Caberet.
  • A warm and friendly welcome and advice on local Gay Friendly venues.

Optional Extras

  • B.A.G's accredited, which means hotels and accommodation is Gay owned and fully understanding and sensitive to guests'; varied lifestyles and sexuality.
  • Blackpool Hotels and accommodation exclusively for Gay and Lesbian guests where no children or 'blinkered' straights are permitted.
  • Discounts or free tickets to local Gay clubs or saunas.
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